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Oct 30, 2013 11:00am PDT
-year-old andy lopez in sanity why rosa. this rally comes after hundreds of people attended a funeral mass last night for him. for many the grief was semplly overwhelming as friends and family placed the boy's casket in the back of a hearse. he was shot and killed by a son olympic wra county sheriff's deputy just last week. the deputy, he thought lopez's replica rifle was a real ak-47. parents, they say shooting -- this shooting sent a wave of sadness and fear throughout the community in santa rosa. >> i've had -- i don't want that to happen with my kids. >> i don't want my daughter to have to grow up with this happening to her in the future and to her friends. i don't want this to happen. basically to change in our community. >> the mourners say they are standing with the lopez family demanding justice for a shooting they say should have never happened. the fda also involved in this one, now conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. >>> a private funeral service will be held this afternoon for the menlo park couple killed by a suspected drunk driver. police say the c
Nov 1, 2013 11:00am PDT
. the deputy shot lopez seven times in santa rosa last tuesday. he says he thought the replica ak-47 lopez was carrying was real. >>> happening right now, bart workers are voting to confirm the tentative agreement they made to end last week's strike. the workers agree with the contract changes last tuesday after a four-day strike. the details=/% of this contract were not released, but some of them were actually leaked. workers will have to pay a little more for health insurance and contribute toward pensions. the two sides also agreed to a series of safety improvements. the results of the vote will be released tonight. >>> a follow-up to a story we have been reporting all weeklong. the southern california factory that makes a popular sriracha sauce won't have to rule production. a judge ruled he didn't have enough time to review the case and refused to order a halt. the city@ of irwindale which is close to los angeles sued the company saying the hot sauce maker stinks up the city and the peppery smell even burns their eyes and throat. people who live there. the judge scheduled a hearing fo
Oct 31, 2013 11:00am PDT
to the streets of santa rosa again last night chanting "andy." they want justice for the teenager's death. last week he mistook the boy's replica gun for an ak-47 and shot lopez seven times. those marching believe the shooting was unnecessary, and they hope to make a change. the fbi is now investigating this shooting. >>> a man who walked away from a controversial care facility in castro valley is still missing this morning. his name is edmond baskum. here's a photo of him. investigators say one day after the valley springs manor was shut down, he wandered away. now, this here is video of family members picking up belongings from the residence last night. 14 members were removed after investigators say they were abandoned by most of the valley springs manor staff staff. only a janitor, in fact, and a cook were left behind. the janitor told us he did his best to care for the seniors, but had only workedçh# there f about two weeks and was not a care giver. >>> the south bay should a pig problem be solved with bullets. a pack of wild pigs is -- the pigs cause thousands of dollars in damage. you
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3